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Huawei is a leading global provider of ICT infrastructure and smart devices. In Europe, Huawei currently employs over 2,400 researchers (out of over 14,000 employees), spread across 23 research sites in 12 EU countries (e.g., Germany, France, Sweden), dedicated entirely to research, development, and innovation, cooperating across the continent with more than 100 academic and research partners. In 2021, Huawei ranked second in the EU Industrial R&D Investment Scoreboard. In the past years, Huawei’s total contribution to European GDP is around €16 billion per year and it contributes €6.5 billion to total European tax revenues per year.

  • Huawei is working to enable EU’s green and sustainable development using its innovative digital 
    technologies, e.g., Huawei has achieved the GLOMO of the Outstanding Mobile Contribution to the UN 
    Sustainable Development Goals in 2021.

  • Moreover, Huawei continues to strengthen cooperation with local SMEs in ICT-related areas, such as 
    semiconductors, software, connectors, instrumentation, and consulting. Huawei's annual procurement 
    amount in Europe is about €6 billion, of which about 15% towards small and medium-sized enterprises 

Huawei Munich Research Center (MRC), part of Huawei Technologies Duesseldorf GmbH (HWDU), is Huawei's largest research center in Europe, with annual R&D investments of over €100 million. With its more than 450 staff, MRC conducts research on telecommunication systems, IT, and enabling technologies, and coordinates Huawei's 6G activities at the European level. Since its establishment, HWDU has been active in numerous 5G-PPP projects, where it has proven to be a reliable cooperation partner and received the "Key Innovator" award several times. Moreover, HWDU is continuously contributing in the EU ICT transformation and leadership, from research and innovation to global standard, and also talent development, e.g., joint labs with EU universities and research institutes, industrial PhD students training, Open lab in Munich, 5G-ACIA endorsed testbed, member of NetworldEurope and 6G-IA, important contributor to 3GPP and ETSI, and a founding member of 5G-ACIA and 5GAA.


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