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Since 2010, CNRS has conducted research in the field of THz communications, mostly in the 300 GHz band, using photonic devices and developed several dedicated facilities for the system characterization of building blocks of THz communication systems (photonic devices, waveguide-based sub-systems, mixers, antennas etc.). Leveraging this background and knowhow, CNRS participated in several EU and national-level projects dedicated to THz and THz communications, is currently involved in the EU-Japan THOR project and ITN TERAOPTICS dedicated to THz science and technology where THz communication is one of the key applications. CNRS is also leading a joint ANR/DFG project running with USTUTT dedicated to THz wireless multi-carrier systems combining photonics and electronics technologies. The laboratory (IEMN) where research activities are conducted, belongs to CNRS. In addition, among the people involved in TIMES, part is to CNRS, and the other part to the University of Lille (UL). That's why UL is a third party of CNRS in TIMES.


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