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Anteral (ANT) is an SME specialized in Antennas, Passives and Radar & Sensing systems/applications. ANT has in-house measurement and fabrication facilities thanks to agreements with the Public University of Navarre.

ANT's main business lines are divided into two areas:

  • High-performance antennas and passive components for the space applications as well as telecommunications, security & defense and research, among others.

  • Development of radar technology to be employed in Smart Cities, industrial, education and health sectors, always taking care of the R&D part and creating new and innovative products and applications. This development line is known under the name of uRAD (Universal Radar) and counts with a proprietary international patent.

ANT has vast experience with more than 10 years of space heritage in the design, manufacture and test of waveguide satellite feed systems composed of horn antennas, polarizers, OMT’s diplexers, complete feedhorn arrays, feeding networks, planar antennas, etc. ANT has also experience in the design, manufacture and test of metamaterials and metasurfaces such as wire grid polarizers, quarter-wave plates or pass-and-stop band planar filters up to THz frequencies.


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