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AETNA is a multinational company located in Packaging Vally in Bologna (Italy), specialized in producing packaging lines and machines in the final part of the production line. The continued research and development activities of AETNA have over the years allowed it to achieve a good market position in solutions for ending production lines.

AETNA has recently done relevant R&D initiatives and projects with UNIBO, CNR-ITIA, BIREX, promoted by MIUR, Regione Emilia Romagna, UE H2020 involving partners within mechatronics components for automation, innovative sustainable plastic film for packaging and Research Institute. AETNA has 60 national and international patents with more than 300 specific rights. AETNA is involved also in several research activities on the Industria 4.0 paradigm. Specifically, AETNA is currently active in several research activities about machine data acquisition, data analysis and predictive maintenance. The current activities are carried out with more than 250 connected machines. AETNA hosts the TECHLAB where several stretch wrap machines and several test machines and equipment are currently installed to validate the stability of product/pallet wrapped.


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